Ramadan Research

Besides being a Holy month, Ramadan marks a unique time of the year for retailers, brands and agencies. During this period, the strategies, tactics and lessons employed during the rest of the year, may not necessarily apply any longer, as consumers choose to engage in a different manner.

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Effectively combining all media elements from TV to Online, Persil created a new online segment, which invited regional designers to compete for the best Abaya design. With hundreds responding, this campaign stands out as a true digital media fire starter.  

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MBC partnered with Chevy in a bid to improve the perception and image of their rugged and sporty Silverado brand. Actionha.net took on the lead in targeting hot-rodded Pan Arab males, who came out in full force, lured in by an online tool, which allowed them to customize the Silverado’s exterior, all for chances to […]

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MBC’s partnership with Land Rover’s latest Evoque model and Emirati film ace Ali Mostafa’s “Classified”, resulted in this sensational digital campaign, centered on an online short film series, which combined narrative with brand advertising to increase online search activity for the new Land Rover’s price point.

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Following up on the success of its debut season’s breakthrough success, Arabs Got Talent (S2) went on to become one of the most followed shows in the history of Arab Television. Some superbly executed online integration campaigns (MBC.net and Shahid.net), delivered new levels of audience engagement to the show’s brand partners and advertisers.  

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With Arab Idol’s debut, MBC 1 delivered the Arabic adaptation of the global hit singing talent discovery contest “Pop Idol” which swiftly became the most watched entertainment program ever aired in KSA. The show’s brand partners benefited from outstanding online integrations (MBC.net and Shahid.net) and unprecedented audience engagement across social media platforms.