INTRODUCING – “KAMELEON” – DMS’ Native Advertising Product

Dear Partners,

In today’s digital world, brands are increasingly relying on content to tell their stories and connect with people. Aligned with our ongoing aim of distributing the most compelling branded content at scale, we are pleased to announce the launch of “Kameleon – DMS’ native advertising product.

As many of you are aware, DMS has been producing premium content for brands for quite some time now. Kameleon supplements our value proposition, by lending us the ability to launch much more effective and efficient native experiences, which are well-branded and at scale. Kameleon also delivers a unified reporting dashboard that can measure the reach, impact and shareability of your content across all platforms.

We will be in touch with you shortly to better acquaint you and your teams with the full scope and potential of Kameleon and the assured impact it will have on your digital communications strategies.

As always, we’ll be counting on your usual support and thank you in advance.