Dailymotion New Video Solution

DMS’ media partner Dailymotion launches powerful video solution at no extra cost for Publishers & Broadcasters

 Feb 12, 2021 - Dubai, UAE:
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Digital Media Services (DMS), the digital arm of Choueiri Group recently announced that their media partner Dailymotion have very successfully rolled out a new video solution which enables publishers to use Dailymotion as a video player on their websites for free.

The timely innovation arrives as the digital media environment and media consumption continue to transition rapidly from text to video. Video has grown to attract nearly 80% of internet data usage, and is envisioned to remain the dominant force which directs the course of internet traffic.

For publishers seeking the most effective strategy for content distribution and audience engagement, video has now become an absolutely critical focal area. But the challege has always been about making the process seemless and meaningul.

Dailymotion’s player solution empowers publishers and broadcasters with a personalized toolbox that allows them to keep 100% control of their video strategy in a frictionless way and without incurring any additional costs. Publishers can now access Dailymotion’s cutting-edge streaming technology with far reaching benefits.

Dailymotion’s white-label solution and customizable playlists enable publishers to engage better with their audiences, unlocking new ways to monetize their content (via Dailymotion’s 100% proprietary ad exchange). The comprehensive solution also extends easy management of data, wherein publishers gain insights into performance with Dailymotion’s advanced analytic.

Speaking on the development, Rémi Leclancher, VP Content EMEA at Dailymotion stated that: “Our partnership with Choueiri Group signifies our commitment to the publisher ecosystem - already helping publishers and broadcasters pivot to the digital video at no cost and with tremendous scale, now local publishers will be able to access our advanced streaming technology so they can deliver more personalized experiences to their end-users. Our partners can finally focus on what matters most — creating videos that excite, engage, and inspire.”

DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Ziad Khammar also expressed his views: “Dailymotion has always been at the forefront of innovation globally, but this particular launch showcases their true grasp on the future and how valuable video is becoming for all content producers and distributors. We greatly look forward to facilitating the adoption of this internationally adopted tech by the region’s publisher community”.

About Dailymotion:

Founded in 2005, Dailymotion is a global video streaming service that connects over 250 million entertainment-seekers to their personal world of news and entertainment. Built on a clever player, intuitive algorithm, and on carefully selected recommendations made by our experts who really love great videos, Dailymotion is the one-stop place for enjoying stories from the best creators around in one heightened video experience. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi and headquartered in Paris with offices in New York, Singapore, and Marseille.

About Digital Media Services (DMS):

Digital Media Services (DMS) was incorporated in 2010 as the official digital media arm of Choueiri Group. Today, the Company extends a premium portfolio of online / mobile offerings, which reach 140 million Unique Browsers, generate 1.2 Billion Page Views, and serve over 3.8 billion ad impressions per month. Aligned with Choueiri Group’s commitment to and focus on digital, DMS received a brand makeover in April 2017, which expresses its unique strength as the true voice of independent publishers. DMS is headquartered in Dubai, with presence in key regional markets.



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